Tips for planning your next move!

Tell the neighbors about the upcoming move!

Moving is one of the most exciting and somewhat anxiety filled life events. The moving truck arrives, movers walking quickly with equipment in their hands, and piles of boxes everywhere. The movers began loading the truck and the neighbors are peaking out of their window and eventually walk their dog in front yard. It may seem very obvious that you're moving but with many of us working from home or traveling for work communicating with neighbors is not always a given. So let your neighbors know ahead of time when you will be moving. Whether you are embarking on a new career, or moving into your first home, moving is exciting. Remember it will affect the community that you live in so make sure to let your neighbors know ahead of the scheduled move date. If there is an HOA it may be a good idea to inform them of the upcoming move. If you live in a culdesac or on a narrow street the moving truck or storage container may block a neighbors driveway. If they know ahead of time preparations can be made to accommodate the movers on your important day. The movers can focus on moving your furniture and boxes safely from your home to the truck or storage container. In some cities depending on local regulations a pass or temporary license issued by the city housing authority may be necessary if the truck or storage container will be at your home for an extended period of time. Communicating with the HOA, city ordinance, and neighbors can save time and money when planning for your upcoming move. In the next blog: Moving tips when using portable storage containers. BOOK US today and "GET MOVING THE XPRESS WAY!"