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@thebudgetmover | Moving Tips: "Choosing Moving helpers or Full-Service Moving Company"

Before the lease is up or the house is put on the market, get several moving estimates or quotes. Just a little online research and a few calls could be the difference in saving a considerable amount of money on moving expenses. Many families consider renting a moving truck and saving on some of the expenses of a full-service moving company which charge for the moving truck, fuel, mileage, movers, and sometimes expensive supplies. With the advent of the storage or moving container also came the Moving Labor or Helper industry.

In choosing the moving labor option, customers reserve or book a truck, trailer, or storage container, and then reserve moving helpers that will come to the home and do the labor (pack, load, or unload). This option requires a little research and several phones calls, but may save on moving expenses. Storage containers have become a growing trend in the moving industry for many families and individuals relocating across the country.

Moving containers are great for home renovations, apartment moves, and for college students returning home for the summer. Movers come to the home or apartment, load the container and the items are stored at the storage facility in the same container. When the new home or apartment is ready; schedule the container delivery, movers, and the container pickup. The container can also remain on site (typically for homeowners doing renovations). Storing boxes and furniture in the container on-site allows for customers to move items as needed into the storage container. Moving containers

cost a monthly storage fee. The customer can choose to hire movers or complete the move with family and friends. The storage container can remain on-site as long as the customer needs.

The main difference in full service or moving labor companies is that customers can facilitate each aspect of the move with hiring a Moving Labor service. With full-service moves, control is given to the moving company completely. With either option, customer research is important. For real estate agents helping a customer with planning a move, the storage container is a great option. Because closing on a home is a process and the convenience of scheduling the storage container and moving helpers separately allows for a greater degree of flexibility in scheduling. This gives the customer and realtor time to close on the home which is a convenience during the home buying process. Moving labor companies need little lead time to schedule the service and many have professional movers available within a day or two. Along with this choice, customers can have moving helpers load just the heavier items which will cost considerably less or the customer can load the container with family and friends and save on the expense of hiring moving labor all together.

Renting a moving truck is an easy process. Reserve a moving truck online with a local dealer, there are many locations across the U.S. and there are several companies to choose from. With this option the customer controls the cost of the truck and mileage along with who helps with the actual move. This requires some research but could definitely save a few bucks. Getting help from family member, friends, or church members will also help save several hundred dollars on labor expenses.

Although hiring moving helpers is a great way to save money on moving, the full-service moving companies will service the entire move by providing the truck, packing, loading, driving, and eventually unloading as one complete service. In full-service moves customers pay for the entire service (truck, movers, supplies, mileage, oversized items along with stairs.) This is a great option for family or individuals with a move-out date that is set. Customers are free to work, spend time with the family, or take the kids to the park while movers complete the entire move. This is great for relocating across the country or in-town moves that require one-day of work (from one residence to another). Getting several estimates will help decide which option is best.

The best choice in selecting between a full-service moving company or moving labor helper really depends on the situation. In many scenarios, convenience is more important than saving a few hundred bucks. Although a full-service moving company or moving labor service may fit within the budget, the scheduling, convenience and control over the moving job is more important to most customers.


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